our story

We are a locally owned, non-franchised studio and brand (and one of our co-founders is a native Austinite!). We believe in integrity at every level of our business and that every crush commander and crew member is a valuable asset to our team. We support and sell local brands and partner with local businesses.

our method

By mixing high intensity treadmill intervals with total body toning, you can blast up to 800 calories in one 55 minute class. Add in some rockin’ music and a killer studio space with state of the art training equipment, and you’re full on crushing it.

our formats

We intentionally designed a variety of workout formats that focus on different muscle groups each day to ensure that your body is challenged in new ways and avoids burnouts or plateaus. We only offer group classes because we strongly believe that as a team, we all benefit from the encouragement, camaraderie and accountability in our class atmosphere.


Take your cardio training to the next level with our calorie torching tread intervals done on our state of the art Woodway treadmills. Walk, jog, run, or sprint, we guarantee you’ll blast tons of calories and increase your cardio stamina.


Sculpt your entire body with a variety of resistance training intervals. Whether it’s free weights, resistance bands, or body weight, you will challenge and tone every muscle group – becoming stronger and faster.


Tread, bench, repeat. By combining tread and resistance training, you will maximize calorie burn, build lean muscle, and CRUSH your workout.

crush formats


55 minutes – Experience our original format that made CRUSH what it is today! You’ll sweat it out with our fast paced, HIIT inspired intervals that will sculpt your entire body in less than one hour. The format consists of 8 minute blocks and three transitions between the treadmill and the weight bench and 5 minutes of total body stretching at the end of the workout.


55 minutes – For those CRUSHERS who love to RUN! Inspired by our crushers who are training for races or just want to up their distance goals, our endurance format is sure to challenge your cardio stamina and take your running and race training to the next level. The format consists of 25 min blocks with one transition between the treadmill and the weight bench and 5 minutes of running specific stretching at the end of the workout.


45 minutes – For those CRUSHERS on the GO! Our 45 minute express class is perfect for those on a time crunch. The format is similar to our endurance class with 20 minute blocks and only one transition between the treadmill and the weight bench. Enjoy 5 minutes of cool down and stretching at the end of the workout and get back to CRUSHING your day!